Prevent Hair Loss

Growing New Hair!

No creams, oils or lotions — no hormones or vitamins — no wigs, hair weaves, implants or transplants — in fact, no gimmicks, no gadgets, and no bull!

MOST MEN worry about eventually losing their hair. Millions are in the process of thinning. And all would love to do something about it, but don't because they believe that they're helpless. That's because they've been miseducated. Growing New Hair! promises to change all that, because:


Her method is simple. You do it yourself, at home. And it's free. The truth is that most hair loss is preventable and, in millions of cases, reversible.

Growing New Hair

In Growing New Hair! Margo draws on over thirteen years of experience to explain not only how thinning can be stopped, but how lost hair can gradually be replenished, through the use of her simple massage technique and the practice of proper hair and scalp hygiene. Growing New Hair! debunks the mythology of male hair loss as an unavoidable curse associated with the aging process, and exposes as gimmickry most of the costly "cures" foisted on men desperate for a solution to this psychologically devastating problem.

Make no mistake about it: Growing New Hair! is revolutionary. Offering you the answer you've been searching for but thought you'd never find, this do-it-yourself guide from America's most innovative trichologist and male grooming expert aims at nothing less than eradicating the problem of male pattern baldness-and the untold suffering it causes-forever.

Growing New Hair! can change your life. Starting today.

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Read what some of her leading men have to say about the results they've enjoyed..

"I've been following your advice and the results have been unbelievable: New hair has begun to grow where there has been none for several years." -Laurence H. Miller, M.D.

"Margo has helped thousands of men. Overlooked by the so-called experts, her simple method to prevent baldness and restore thinning hair can work for us all." - S. M. Otis, M.D.

"To Margo, the Miracle Worker: My hair did and does grow! Now audiences need never again be blinded by the reflection of lights on my balding pate!" -Michael Sasson, Musical Director-Conductor, Boston Ballet

"When it comes to keeping the hair on our heads, there's no coach like Margo!" -Tommy Heinsohn, Former Coach, Boston Celtics

"I told her she was cuckoo, but after I followed her advice my thin spot filled in, and my mane became luxuriant. If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'." -Emperor Hudson Hudson & Landry, Recording Artists